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Post Operative Instructions following an Implant Placement

In general, dental implant patients should avoid pressure to the operated sites. In some cases, this may involve not wearing a complete or partial denture until the swelling has subsided.

If your implant is in a cosmetic area and a temporary esthetic replacement is required, it will have to be adjusted prior to being worn.

Complete dentures will generally require adjustment and relining with a soft tissue conditioning liner after initial healing has taken place. This may be as long as two weeks after the surgical date.

Smoking is absolutely contraindicated. There is now statistical evidence to show that the success rate of dental implants in a smoking individual is reduced substantially. Wound healing is compromised in the short-term period as well. Any sucking action may promote bleeding and tissue movement.

Ice is good to minimize swelling and bruising on the first day. It can be applied as regularly as 20 minutes intervals off and on. Generally, swelling is not a problem for single implants but can be a problem if multiple implants are placed. There also may be additional swelling if you have had bone grafting to facilitate placement of implants.

Sutures are most likely resorbable, if not, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled for their removal. Oral hygiene is of the utmost importance ie, continue brushing your natural teeth, rinse with the chlorhexidine rinse that may be prescribed for you. These steps will improve healing.

Although discomfort is not common, an analgesic will likely be prescribed for you, and frequently antibiotics are also prescribed. Please take this medication as prescribed and contact the office if there are any problems or side effects.

Your surgeon usually uses a healing cap to cover the head of the implant. Very rarely this cap might get loose. Do not panic, this is not the implant. Call the office and bring the cap with you for the surgeon to place it.

We have a 24- hour answering service and access to a surgeon is around the clock. If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to call us at: 416-766-7616